Due to staffing needs, we are closed for in-person appointments on Wednesdays, but are offering virtual assistance. We have staff monitoring email and text during normal business hours able to contact a DVM with any urgent questions or medication requests. Please note that we are still able to schedule appointments.

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Interventional (Surgical & Oncologic Endoscopy)

Utilizing ligasures and endoscopic optical diode laser filaments, we have the abilities to dissect, cut, coagulate, seal and ablate internally with a small incision. We can successfully perform surgeries that previously required major open surgical fields, significant pain and long recovery times. Confined spaces such as the ear, nose, throat and lower urinary passages are best visualized endoscopically. Results are immediate, recovery is rapid and expenses are reduced!

Using a diode laser and rigid endoscope, we reduce ectopic channels back into the bladder trigone. Obstructive urethral and bladder trigone TCC can be relieved using diode laser ablation, allowing time for chemotherapy to take effect. Nasopharyngeal obstructive diseases can be reduced with minimal trauma, reestablishing temporary or long term function while we develop a plan to manage the underlying problem.

Perinephric cysts can be decompressed and excised through a 1 cm incision. Urinary Calculi can be visualized and retrieved with minimal or no incision in many cases.

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